A living room should be the area in your house where you can feel the most comfortable and relaxing atmosphere. However, many people experience some trouble when they try to make their living room ooze that kind of atmosphere. It becomes even difficult to do in a small living room. Below, we have the solution for your small living room problem. With these tips, you can create the most comfortable living room, even though it has limited space to use.

Simple Tips to Elevate Your Small Living Room Mood
Living Rooms by Usona

Put White and White
Paint one of the wall sides of your small living room with white color. It seems dull because this is a neutral color. However, if you also put white furniture or decoration in that area, you will create one of the best looks in your living room. This combination creates elegance. Furthermore, the white color also works as a reflective area for the small living room. Thus, it gives a wider-space effect to your small space living room.

Simple Tips to Elevate Your Small Living Room Mood
Living Rooms by Usona

Turn the Weird Area into Focal Points
Designing a small living room with a square shape is challenging. And, it even becomes more troublesome, if your small living room has a weird area shape. For example, one of the sides of your wall is protruding or has an odd shape. How to deal with this problem?
Rather than remove it, which costs you more money, you can utilize it and turn this area into focal points. For example, you can use the weird area as your art gallery. The uncommon placement will add its uniqueness, which turns it to be a great focal point. Or, you also turn that area into a bookcase. It is all about your creativity. Do not limit yourself and try to expand your ideas.

Simple Tips to Elevate Your Small Living Room Mood
Living Rooms by Usona

Add More Textiles
A comfortable living room should have an inviting atmosphere. People that spend their time in it also must feel the cozy and warm feeling. You can achieve this condition by using more textiles in your room. Add some tapestry to give a warm feeling. A Turkish rug is a good option for that.

As for the placement, you can use the standard method. Place it on the floor then it’s done. But, you also can try different ways to use the fabric. For example, try to hang it on your wall. It will add more color and pattern to your living room.

Add the Plants
A plant can change the atmosphere of a whole room. Adding plant decoration in your small living room also helps you to create a fresh and natural feeling. You will need that atmosphere if you want to relax and feel more comfortable in this room. Make sure you choose the plant with lively color. The green plant is okay. But, if you can add more color, that would be even better.

It is easy to change your small living room into the most comfortable room with our tips above. Try them now and you will know that this small room has a powerful impact on your life.


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