Our living room may look perfect. It has a beautiful appearance. You also feel comfortable with it. However, in the eyes of a professional interior designer, your seems-to-perfect living room could be plagued with so many design mistakes. And, they are maybe the reason why you feel something off whenever you see or enter your living room. For that reason, we have a list of several mistakes that you might never know and see as the normal way to design your living room.

Living Rooms Design Idea by Usona
Living Rooms Design Idea by Usona

The Sofa Problem
A sofa is the center of the living room. You can choose the decoration or accessories as randomly as you can. But, the sofa is different. You have to plan it carefully. People often choose the wrong sofa for their living room. They only care about the price and it feels good when you sit on it.

Choose the sofa that matches your room design, theme, as well as the comfort level that you need. It doesn’t mean that you can use your old sofa because it still feels comfortable. You need the new one that matches today’s trend. It helps you to improve your living room design and the atmosphere.

Use Showroom as Reference
When you visit a furniture store, you will find yourself in a showroom, where the product is placed and arranged. It looks beautiful, though. But, you must remember that it looks only for appealing to the customer to buy it. You can’t use it as a reference or even worse, copying it for your living room interior.

The living room is all about your personality. It is a room where you can be yourself, the self where you feel comfortable the most. If you copy the showroom, it will feel like a showroom, not your living room. So, mix different products, vintage and modern, to create a unique appearance. That helps you to create the best living room for your house.

Living Rooms Design Idea by Usona
Living Rooms Design Idea by Usona

Using a Small Rug
Many people choose the small-sized rug for their living room, just to add a tiny bit of comfort, touch, and appearance. That’s so wrong. A living room should give you the most comfortable feeling. Therefore, do not hesitate when you choose the rug. Choose the big one that can cover a wide area. It gives you a more comfortable feeling, especially when you put it on the area where you use it and walk around a lot.

Using One Style
We often use one style of furniture and decoration for our living room for the sake of uniformity. That is also one of the living room interior mistakes. Try combining all kinds of styles. You can add contemporary furniture. Then, use the Moroccan rugs and traditional accent for the wall. This combination will create an approachable and timeless atmosphere in your living room.

Living Rooms Design Idea by Usona
Living Rooms Design Idea by Usona

As for now, you must understand what kind of mistakes that your living room might have. If you can’t find the mistakes we mentioned above in your living room, that’s also a good thing. You can avoid them when you design your living room interior.


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