A kitchen is said to be the heart of the home. You cook a meal that can warm your family members’ hearts. You also can enjoy your relaxation time in it, especially if you love cooking. Or, you just use it simply as a place to enjoy delicious food. For that reason, creating a comfortable kitchen is what you should do. And, one of the factors that affect its comfort is kitchen lighting. Here, we have tips you can use to create a good lighting system and design for your kitchen.

Modern Luxury by David Small Designs
Lighting Design at Modern Luxury by David Small Designs

Create a Proper Lighting Layer
Creating multiple lighting layers in your kitchen is better than using one light that illuminates every part of your kitchen. The several lighting layers help you to create the atmosphere that you like. And, because you are going to make a comfortable kitchen, this lighting design will be important.

The lighting system in a kitchen consists of four different types of lighting. They are the ambient, task, accent, and main lighting. Put the ambient and accent lighting on the area that needs soft lighting. For example, you can use it under the cabinet or the backsplash area. It helps you to know what happens in that area.

The main lighting is the main illumination source for your kitchen. Usually, you put it in the highest place, near the ceiling of the kitchen area. As for the task lighting, put it near the kitchen countertop. You will need it to provide the lighting for processing your ingredients. Make sure you use the white light for this part. That will keep the real cooking ingredients’ color before and after you cooked it.

House in Krostoszowice by RS+ Robert Skitek
Kitchen Lighting Design at House in Krostoszowice by RS+ Robert Skitek

Place the Lighting in the Correct Heights
The task lighting mostly has the lowest height to the countertop compared to the main lighting. To avoid any obstacle during the cooking process or when you move around your kitchen, make at least 30-32 inches of distance between the lighting and the countertop surface. If you choose the wide lighting, this distance also gives the countertop surface a proper illumination.

Choose the Lighting with Correct Watts or Power
The lighting will create heat which can affect the ingredient you put under it. Therefore, choose the lighting with proper power to ensure it won’t give your ingredients some problems. Furthermore, the correct Watts level also creates better illumination on the countertop, which improves the visibility that you will need when you cook.
How can we find the power that we need for our kitchen’s lighting system? You need to multiply the size of the countertop by 2.5. The result will give you the number that is also the number of lamp Watts power.

London Kitchen by Chantel Elshout Design Consultancy
London Kitchen by Chantel Elshout Design Consultancy

Arranging the kitchen lighting system could be difficult to do without any help from a professional designer. So, do not hesitate to ask the professional service for that. But, if you are confident with your interior designing skill, you can try it yourself. It saves more money. Furthermore, you can even make some changes to make it better.


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