Most people would think about what kind of color they should apply when they try to build or remodel their kitchen. That’s wrong. The kitchen is all about functionality. A beautiful kitchen looks good, though. But, if it only makes you tired and your work increases, that’s not good. In this article, we have four tips from the expert about how to make your kitchen look great while comfortable to use.

Lake Huron by Saota
Kitchen Rooms at Lake Huron by Saota

Create the Golden Triangle

Every interior designer always pays attention to this matter. In a kitchen, three important spots must have proper placement. They are a stove, sink, and refrigerator. When you cook your meal, you will use those three a lot. Therefore, placing those three in the area or layout that allows you to reach them with less effort is essential.

If you have a big size kitchen, make sure that those three don’t exceed three steps from each other. So, when you take the ingredient from the fridge, cook it on the stove area, and clean the stuff after that, will require less movement. It saves your energy and you can increase your multitasking efficiency.

Widely Open Eyes by Prusta
Kitchen Rooms at Widely Open Eyes by Prusta

Put More Features in Your Kitchen

As we mentioned earlier, the kitchen is all about functionality. This area is not only a place for cooking a meal. In the past, it might be like that. But, the kitchen area in the modern house has more features. Your family might use it to relax while drinking their favorite beverage. Or, you might use it to watch your TV while enjoying a snack or while you are cooking.

So, adding extra features like comfortable chairs or electronic appliances, like TV, music player and even computer, will improve your kitchen value. And, it will be beneficial not only for you who use it a lot for cooking. Your entire family will feel blessed with the existence of this area.

Feng Shui House by Steffen Welsch Architects
Kitchen Rooms at Feng Shui House by Steffen Welsch Architects

Arrange the Cupboard Placement Carefully

You put many things in your kitchen cupboard, from various spices to the cooking utensils. Therefore, you should pay more attention to its placement. In the simplest word, arrange it so you can easily get the things that you use a lot in your kitchen.

Creating the label or category in your cupboard also allows you to find the things that you want to use. One more important thing, place it near the place where you process your ingredient. You will need all those tools and spices for that.

Lake Cabin by Cushing Terrell
Kitchen and Living Rooms at Lake Cabin by Cushing Terrell

The Floor Plan

Now, you know what you should do with your kitchen design. However, you should make a floor plan before you apply the design tips we mentioned before. It helps you to know the exact location and measurement of the new design and object that you will put in your kitchen. All professional designers use this method. So, you also should do that to help the design process go smoothly.

That’s all about kitchen design. All of those tips are doable without help from a professional designer. But, we recommend you to use their service if you plan to get the best result for your kitchen.


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