Kitchen minimalist design is the hottest trend today. However, it is not wrong to go back to the classic style. If truth be told, the classic kitchen is timeless. You can use it anytime you want and it will look good. Furthermore, the classic style also has a particular atmosphere that makes you feel nostalgic. It is indeed a good place to relax while making or enjoying your meal. Now, are you interested in trying it? Here, we have several tips to add some classic touch to your kitchen.

Beautiful Classic Style Kitchen by Danielle Colding Design
Beautiful Classic Style Kitchen by Danielle Colding Design

White Cabinet

The first and the easiest ones are using a white or cream color cabinet. Use the plain design, which gives it some retro feeling. Furthermore, the white color is also the safest color that works with other colors in your kitchen. So, you will have a good focal point in your kitchen that blends everything while giving off the old beauty nuance. One more thing, make sure you use the classic cabinet style to make it more standout.

The Black Countertops

The classic kitchen uses a simple color combination. For that reason, we recommend the black countertops as one important point to add a more classic vibe to your kitchen. It is not only beautiful. The black color also blends well with the white cabinet and furniture you use. It makes them stand out without losing its existence. As for the type of black countertops, you can try the black granite or cast quartz material. They are the best material you can get for countertops and have a nice pattern on it.

Beautiful Classic Style Kitchen by Matthew Ferrarini
Beautiful Classic Style Kitchen by Matthew Ferrarini

Add Some Natural Touch

Black and white is a neutral color that is used a lot in classic style kitchens. However, if you only use these two colors, your kitchen will look bland. To prevent that from happening, add the natural material and color to it. It could be a plantation as the decoration that you put on the corner of the kitchen near the windows. Or, you also can use the natural wood pattern or texture for the furniture and the bottom part drawers. The black and white color won’t obstruct this color. Plus, this color also looks beautiful within this combination.

Modern Tools

Even though you use the classic interior style for your kitchen, it doesn’t mean that you also use the old cooking tools. Add the modern and high-tech tools to your classic kitchen. It won’t ruin the whole design concept. It even adds more uniqueness to your kitchen, which creates a beautiful view that you won’t find in your old kitchen. As you already know, the kitchen must also have functionality. This modern tool will give you that.

London Kitchen by Chantel Elshout Design Consultancy
London Kitchen by Chantel Elshout Design Consultancy


All in all, you don’t have to hesitate to get your kitchen style back to the old classic one. This style is a perfect choice for all types of houses today. If you do it right, the result will be amazing and beautiful. You will also feel the different experience and atmosphere when you cook your delicious meal for your beloved family.


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